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Taxonomy Consulting

An efficient and scalable filing structure or taxonomy is the cornerstone to implementing a successful Document/Records management system. Unfortunately, that's easier to say than draft.

The staff of IIUI has years of experience in helping dozens of clients explore the issues involved in adapting an organization's unique business processes into a taxonomy that meets the needs of their users and is appropriate to the Electronic Document Management Solution theyve chosen to adopt.

Typically in short phased enagements, IIUI can assist:

  • Helping management understand the ROI they should expect from the implementation
  • Lead discussions at various organizational levels regarding taxonomy, data access, and data presentation requirements
  • Assess available software and hardware options
  • Tune taxonomy for maximum performance
  • Leverage knowledge of over one hundred other implementations to analyze proposed structues help fine tune a taxonomy before implementation

Contact Daniel Lieber for scheduling and pricing information.