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SmartBookmarking dramatically improves the usability of DDM by extending bookmarking capabilities to documents across file cabinets. As users create documents, they are given the ability to create bookmarks in any binder they have access to within the entire library, not just the current file cabinet. Bookmarks pointing to a document are listed at the bottom of the profile along with bookmark management actions.

  • The SmartBookmarking tool extends native functionality by allowing users to create bookmarks across file cabinets within the current library.
  • Bookmarks are two-way - Bookmarks are linked to a document and the document can be referenced back to the bookmark
  • Tracks where bookmarks have been created and displays a list of all bookmarks on the document profile - organized by File Cabinets, Binder Categories, and Binders.
  • Bookmarks are automatically updated when documents are revised.

Licensing Options:

  • Per 500 User Block
  • Enterprise

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