Records Management

Records Manager Express

This unique application provides records management compliance for DominoŽ and Domino Document ManagerŽ without requiring a complete re-architecture of your document management infrastructure. It is specifically designed for compliance with DOD 5015.2, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other records management practices.

The administrative interface allows records management personnel to handle the setup and processing for records, categories, folders, series, relationships, auto-filing rules, records retention and disposition schedules without requiring any programming knowledge. Record profiles are automatically created, filed, and linked to document content. This fully automated process eliminates the burden and inherent errors of end users attempting to correctly file records.

Among its many features:

  • Auto-file creates records from Domino and Domino Document Manager data with little or no user effort
  • Full industry proven Domino security applied to File Plan containers and records
  • Support of existing organizational hierarchies through the Domino Directory
  • Support for physical records (paper, microfiche, etc.)
  • Extensive meta-data and full text search capabilities
  • Advanced logging features allow granular configuration of actions and components to be logged
  • Supported on all Domino compliant platforms, including Windows, UNIX, iSeries, and zSeries
  • Supports NotesMail
  • Fully supported configuration by IBM/Lotus
  • Easy to use and easy to upgrade

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