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IIUI Importer

The IIUI Importer allows Domino Document Manager administrators to structure existing files for quick import into a Library. Based on the folder hierarchy of the file system and a simple mapping tool, the IIUI Importer builds a comparable Document Manager Library environment. File Rooms, File Cabinets, Binder Categories, Binders and Documents are all dynamically created.

  • It imports the entire file system structure and generates the taxonomy on-the-fly.
  • Allows for import of meta-data using a comma-delimited text file.
  • An import report is generated detailing which file cabinets, binders and documents were created.
  • Records the action of importing in the document activity log.
  • Works with exporter for transferring documents across document management systems.
  • Easily configurable and allows for various changes to be made.

Licensing Options:

  • One Time Use
  • Per Administration Site
  • Enterprise

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