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User e-mail files often house more then 80% of corporate documentation. These documents are typically vital to the daily operations of the organization, yet remain inaccessible to the enterprise. Additionally, copies of the same message typically reside in several users’ mail files.

E-mail Validity Checking allows users to save messages directly from their mail database into the library with as little as one click. As users post documents, they are prompted if the e-mail has previously been submitted by another user. This tool facilitates the efficient storage and organization of e-mails while reducing the document redundancy that can clutter a library.

  • Click a button to save to Domino Document Manager from Notes Mail
  • Checks if the message has already been stored in a DDM library. If found, the user is prompted and optionally allowed to resubmit the document to the library.
  • Notation is added to the original e-mail after storing in the library to remind user where document was stored
  • Works with Notes/Domino 4.6.x/5.x/6.x and customized mail templates.

Licensing Options:

  • Per 500 User Block
  • Enterprise

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