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Most content or documents created in a library have a life span during which they become outdated. Documents and content must be periodically reviewed for obsolescence and continued relevance. Authors and reviewers may not immediately recognize out-of-date content or the need for content to be reviewed or updated. The IIUI solution assists end users with managing the life cycle of active documents.

As documents age, Content Review flags individual documents requiring attention and routes them to a specified individual, group, and/or business role for review. Security is maintained for each content component, only allowing access by designated content reviewers or editors during the Content Review cycle. Enabling a DDM installation with the IIUI Content Review application helps ensure only current and meaningful content is being stored, managed, backed up, and indexed within the document management system.

  • Maintains the integrity of the data contained within the documents
  • Helps protects the organization against legal action from reliance on inaccurate or obsolete content
  • Enhances the value of the document management solution
  • Increases performance by helping purge unnecessary, obsolete, and expired content
  • Compatible with Domino.Doc 3.x and Domino Document Manager 6.5.x

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